Who Is Jill?

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My name isn't actually Jill. It's Calley.

I'm a Minnesota native, and after growing up singing, acting, writing, dancing, creating a “real” school and “real” business (what? Lemonade is a business), and narrating friend's birthday parties, I started my career as a session and live vocalist in Dallas / Fort Worth while working on a degree in jazz voice from the University of North Texas. Singing branched into composing, writing lyrics, and arranging. I worked in and performed for events while living in New York City, joined the singer / songwriter scene of Williamsburg Brooklyn, and put my minor in public relations to use in side jobs helping to open or grow small businesses. When I moved to Idaho to act as head of a music department while teaching & developing my own curriculum at a private performing arts school, I thought, "At this point in my career, I'm like the Jill of all things Entertainment." This continued with audio production, voice over, copywriting, foley... I often became the "spokesperson" of whomever I was working for, in addition to wearing lots of hats, and inventing wheels out of whatever was available.

The intersection of all this was working with people to create something truly unique to that entity - contributing as a creator allowed me to hone the skill of recognizing and projecting an identity. Or in business-speak, "branding."

Every business has a collection of people, places, and events that have made it what it is. I take those moments and turn them into a story "experience" - the hook, the highlights, and the flow. It's an honor and my joy to play with words, visual, and sound to create stories for others' dreams. 

I've been fortunate to work with, learn from, and teach some of the greats in the modern world of entertainment & production - L & M Sound Design (New York City), Michael League (Snarky Puppy), David Cook (Taylor Swift),  Sarah Tolar (Starlight Orchestras, 92Y - New York City), Rosana Eckert (Hal Leonard Publishing, University of North Texas) Fara Sumbureru (Winner of 2013 Downbeat Jazz Vocalist - Performing Arts High School category), Undertone Music (Minneapolis, MN), along with countless other musicians, producers, and friends. From the opulence of Texas parties, the ambition and style of New York City entertainment, the free-spiritedness of Idaho, and the advertising and production community of Minneapolis, MN, I've collected experience and inspiration which became a business based on the magical vibrational voice, and the power of a compelling story.

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I once was told by a label executive that I'm "unreasonable." He had a big fat smile on his face, and I could tell he was trying to give me a compliment, but I remember being afraid that I'd done something to offend him... Now I get it. I love a good challenge, and I'm constantly looking for ways to evolve, while guided by a mission to foster community and creative integrity for females in media.

Thanks for stopping by,

Calley Bliss