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beta #1 - Caroline Smith - october 2014 #localvocallist

This month's podcast - OUR DEBUT! - brings guest Caroline Smith!

Caroline talks about her early experience as a teen being asked by industry execs to change her appearance, how she keeps momentum, who supports her, and offers advice for the next generation of females in music.

The #LocalVocalList podcast is published monthly, compiling unique individual feminine perspectives of vocalists based in the Twin Cities regarding their process: experiences, struggles, successes, and their work in the music industry. Guests are chosen from artists with national attention and exposure, to singers on the local working circuit. The #LocalVocalList is hosted by Entertainment Jill.

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Beta number 2 #LocalVocalList brings Tiny Deaths' Claire deLune. Claire is also a member of electro-pop trio Chalice with Lizzo and Sophia Eris, and appeared as a guest of Prince's recent release of Plectrum Electrum on the track BoyTrouble.

Claire will be interviewed on November 10th. If you would like to submit a question for Claire, post it in the comments section of this post below! 

What is the #LocalVocalList?

I believe the music industry is in need of more discussion around how artists are doing what they're doing. Press often covers the releases, the shows, the gossip, the fashion. But before any of that can happen, there's a process. This is their work. This is their job. These are their experiences which shape the person, and the music. This podcast aims to showcase that process from the perspective of your favorite local lady singers.

It's also meant to lift these ladies up, and encourage them to continue being the strong leaders, artists, and mentors that they already are. As women, we often doubt ourselves, and there are many cultural cues to "play by the rules." And yet:

“career progression often depends upon taking risks and advocating for oneself – traits that girls are discouraged from exhibiting... young women internalize societal cues about what defines “appropriate” behavior and, in turn, silence themselves.” - Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In

I'm a singular woman with an aim to help foster the "girls club." This podcast comes from me, my laptop, and my little home studio vocal booth. If you know anyone who might be interested in its content, please share it with them, post it to your social media, use the hashtag #LocalVocalList, like our posts, and submit comments-- anything to help spread the conversation, and encourage women in the biz to take the reigns for their own music careers.

Thank-you for listening, and for your support!    -- Calley Bliss   a.k.a. Entertainment Jill

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