what we do

  • Content strategy to help you dissect and plan what you're saying, who you're saying it for, and why it hits you in the gut.
  • Storycrafting (aka copywriting) designed to showcase the heart and soul of your business.
  • Compositions that set a mood and tone for unique branding, and digital production projects. Fancy-like (with audio post) or real and raw (stems sent to your mixing engineer).

your business is your dream. At Entertainment Jill, we get that. And in the new world, its more important than ever for brands and businesses to connect to their customers and clients in engaging and entertaining ways. To tell them why you do what you do in a way that makes them sit up and listen. Sound is one of the most influential factors on human emotions. It moves us to be better, go further, and dream bigger. You don't want to just tell your dream to your audience, you want them to feel it. We give a voice (with carefully selected words and music) to that mission. 

music & storycrafting

Entertainment Jill Audio Picture Poem - Love 2016

Scripting, VO, sung vocals, audio post. Video footage courtesy of dissolve.com

15Now Wins Minneapolis Celebration Video.

Copy, VO tracking, audio post. Animation courtesy of Alexander Jenson. Music courtesy of Hippo Campus.

15Now Fights for No Wage Ban in Minneapolis

Copy, VO tracking, audio post. Animation courtesy of Alexander Jenson.

YOGA Garden RYT-200 Teacher Training

VO tracking, audio post. Video courtesy of Susan Marks

sample composition library composition, performance, & post

more from calley bliss:

gear / specs

  • Logic Pro
  • Apogee Duet
  • AKG P-420 condenser microphone
  • Alternate recording options available upon request
  • Files as .WAV .AIFF .MP3


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